Passion led us here

I was doing random laps online. Apparently I could not get over quitting twitter. That little app with a bird on it is like cocaine. Once you start snorting You just can’t stop. One snort and you are done. Maybe am the Pedro Dom of twitter. Am just hooked to the little app.

After running through a couple of tweets on Italy winning the Euros,I came across a tweet from @AfroBlogger about a parents influencing their children’s careers. That wasn’t what drew my attention because tbh I believe at some point parents will just have to accept what comes out.

A picture accompanied this tweet. It had a set of feet on it and it read “Passion brought us here.”

My blog has been up for a year. I chose to write because it was the one place I could restore my sanity. When I felt like may tranquility was running away, writing became my meds. If I felt I wanted to take out something out of my heart,it be my confession box. I have a couple of writings I’ve never post,They stuck on my draft box. Maybe they weren’t made to be uploaded. I read then to remained me where I was. Sometimes they were not good enough. I use them to measure how good I’ve become.

When I started writing it was like an escape from me trying to dream,trying to be good at other things and equally failing at the same time. Slowly I realized I was good,I had something. It became something recurrent I did it again,again, then again and again until I felt this is what I was best at.

Over the time,I’ve grown to a hundred plus follows on my blog. A thousand plus reads and views and several recognitions. Everything about “Passion brought us here” made me look at things in a different way. Reading comments on how other bloggers chose their own path about what they wanted to become was so encouraging. I believe growth takes time, I’ve been working my ass out to get where I am with my blog. It ain’t easy. I’ve been criticized and goated at the same time. I’ve had days with no traffic and days with massive traffic. All I do is not let a bad yesterday ruin a good today.

In everything you do there’s always an end game. Where you plan to get to with something. Ever since I started writing I’ve felt like I want to touch many lives,put a smile on peoples face. Have a huge following and make an impact. Sounds like a dream right? Well I’ve been working to get myself into a magazine,one day get a column to myself. A space where someone can come and try to regain his/her tranquility to. They say success has no deadline. It will come,I know it will.

You know what? Passion brought us here btw

Remember to follow this blog peace ✌🏽

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