Any time am gone doesn’t mean that I don’t do anything writing related. Or that I have deviated from the path I chose. Ok. I have not written in months due to some personal and many other unclassified reason. But one thing I have been trying to do is grow my social media. 

So after weeks of grinding and changing my twitter bio for more than 18 times, I finally decided to let it be! I quit the platform. I just realized it’s not really meant for me. Ever been in that kind of situation? One night you sleep with 1000 followers and wake up tomorrow at 700? Goddess gracious it f*cking irritating. Anyway I am over it all ready.

A day ago I decided to check out where i am on WordPress. Where I left. I bought myself a new phone and I could no longer download the app because apparently its for iOS 13 and above but mine is 12.5.4. Shit! So actually this is what iOS users go through. Well I done n’t use computers to blog,because apparently I had one and its no longer working .  So I open Safari and go through the web. 

When I left I was at 80 followers. I was happy and wasn’t desperate for more. I knew a time would come and I would hit a new milestone. And that happened. Congratulations to me am at 103 followers. Means much to me. I have a 100+ people reading my work,putting up with my shit and supporting my content.

I don’t know how to say thank you,or appreciate the kind gesture. But here and now I make a promise to you and myself. I promise consistency. At least a post a day or a post in two.

When I was at 50, I thought of doing guest posts on my blog and also on other peoples blogs. Well this is the time for that. Am at 100 and I have a good following in Jesus name.

For guest post,am creating an email and will share it on my next post. Thanks for everything. Follow if you haven’t. I love you 💕 


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