Have you ever heard of something called Kukafunga?

This word is a slung used on young boys who have accomplished it. Those boys who drive big cars in Nairobi. When they travel to shags they they call on boys and buy them alcohol and leave them penny less. This boys have done it. Live in two or three bedroom apartments somewhere in Rongai. This boys have earned the word kukafunga ” to be used on the. And if he is called Mike,it is only good to say “Mike amekafunga!”

Boys like us have only spent a few years in Nairobi. We are still learning the streets. Still asking questions on who should I get to know or where to be,the struggles!

About a month ago I parted ways with my old phone. That kathing just decided to overheat and stopped working. Maybe it was time to retire. Time to part ways and say “to hell,umenichosha” that was the end of things. It was a good three years 😂

Being that I have not Kafunga’ed it yet,it would take me time to bounce back. Its obvious i had no contingency plan. So I had to gather around for a meeting with me, myself and I to try and figure out the way forward. We didn’t come to an agreement or rather there was no solution agreed upon. This should explain the reason why I haven’t posted in about a month because I do most of my blogging on the road. Or somewhere there is no electricity to connect to a computer. Those weird places make up 90% of my creative space.

So during this period I was about to kafunga it (in my own terms) I just an inch towards landing my first gig as a writer. I was to send a sample of my work for a editing. Something told me i didn’t need to do the work on a computer so it was all in my phone. Like when a man dies,he dies with all his secretes so my phone died with mine. I was left in the dark. It had me asking questions. “Ntakafunga kweli?” Like seriously why did it just have to be at that time aah?

Anyway am back on track, reenergized and ready to work. This post was meant to break the silence. I’ve missed doing this. This is to assure you guy’s that this time tunakafunga. And to give appreciation for sticking around to support my crazy mind and irrelevant talks. I am grateful. A big announcement will be coming on the next post!

Photo credit: Biobih on Instagram. Follow right now and view latest pics!


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