Please bare with me twitter

I had gone through suspension while in highschool. This kind of thing made you think you were invincible. People would celebrate you, look at you like you were some sort of hero especially the wannabe bad boys in form one and two.

Some group will still hate you, look at you like you had no future ahead. These were the prefects, christian union members and the top performers who viewed themselves as the Issac Newtons of this generation. They would never go for outings let alone games in the evening. They would read and for one moment you think they are going to shout “eureka, eureka!” Like they had discovered the concept behind the reason your butt hurts when you sit for long.

Anyway that aside.

I hate suspensions, especially when it has to come from Twitter.

I used to love twitter but not anymore. In the last one month i have been suspended like four times. They’d give me like 3 days to get my shit together simply because my father is not one of the app’s founder and I have to check on my behavior  when liking, retweeting and following because none of my family members has no seat in the board, to hell mehn. Like seriously why restrict someone on what like, follow and retweet? A friend of mine told me all these things were works of the illuminati and sooner or later they will start controlling what we do and at some point what we think as well.

Another thing with twitter is that any effort to grow your account proves to be worth less, unless you are an A-list celebrity.

Have you ever heard of the rise and fall of stock prices on wallstreet? Well, apply the same thing to my twitter. I go to sleep at 1000 followers and wake up to 700. So where do this people always go? Like what does twitter do to make them disapear? Please don’t tell me they unfollowed my because I will not accept that. Anyway that is what is happening to me now. I loose 300 followers in less than 5hrs and get suspended for three days. Where are you, ooh sweet mother of Jesus? I could really use your intervention right now.

Am pissed, like right now.

If you want to take a look at what is happening to me on Twitter then Click here and if you want to follow my life journey on Instagram, also Click here


One thought on “Please bare with me twitter

  1. I’m not one of the cool kids on Twitter. I do comment on posts once in a while and use the heart button when I think it’s appropriate. I even retweet sometimes. As of this previous autumn, Twitter knows I’m a Democrat and it doesn’t seem to faze them. I don’t know why you’re getting suspended.

    As for the number of followers, I don’t have very many. I’m not keeping track either. Either people want to drop in on me at the site or they don’t. Why are the numbers important to you?


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